Guidance » Red Ribbon Week 2019

Red Ribbon Week 2019

red ribbon



Wednesday, October 23

“Real Heroes Don’t Do Drugs” - Wear a superhero shirt




**Start Drug-free poster contest**


Thursday, October 24

 “RED-y to Live a Drug-Free Life” - Wear red attire

(the class wearing the most red will win a popcorn party)


Friday, October 25

“Team Up Against Drugs” - Wear a MUSTANG shirt or jersey


Fan Frenzy Friday

"Blue Out the Hawks"


 Monday, October 28 
“My Future is too Bright to do Drugs” - Wear sunglasses and neon, bright colors


Tuesday, October 29

“Join the Fight Against Drugs” - Wear camo


Wednesday, October 30

“Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up” -  Wear mixed matched clothes


Thursday, October 31

“Say BOO to Drugs” - Wear your Halloween outfit, but no masks, scary costumes, or fake blood


**Announce Drug-free poster winners**